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Sorry for the disappearing act. September has been one of THOSE months and last weeks was ESPECIALLY one of THOSE weeks. We lost our dog on Wednesday, I sewed a quilt for my daughter’s birthday, and we held a Spongebob party for 11 kids 8 and under. And today we are putting a roof on the shed that we are building. So, I’m pulling a project out that I haven’t shared yet since I wanted to wait for the wee babe to actually be born.ImageImageCrib-sized blanket with circles raw-edged appliqued. The baby’s name was also appliqued on the back. Lots of pink fabrics for a baby girl.


Super Duper fantastic, huh?

I’m holding off on the Grape Deal this week as I have something really awesome planned out.

Cute, huh? I’ll let you know when it arrives and ready to ship.

Just a little peak at what is coming to the shop, and hopefully sooner rather than later! More sneak peaks throughout this whole week. Keep your eyes out!

Blasts from the Past