You know those nights when the family needs food but the motivation to cook is at an all time low? Yeah, we had one of those nights recently. I looked high and low in our fridge and remembered we had leftover pot roast (I basically follow The Pioneer Woman’s roast beef recipe with modifications) and its juices (au jus if you are fancy). We always have cheese and butter. And we almost always have a loaf of crusty bread.

And it dawned on me. French Dip Sliders. 

I popped the leftover meat and juice into a pan on the stove with no extra seasonings. And while that was heating, I made garlic bread with the bread and topped it with cheddar cheese under the broiler. Once the bread was done, I topped half of the bread pieces with the meat and then added a top. Served with a green salad and mini bowls of meat juice, it was AWESOME, although not pretty.