I feel like I’m getting stuff done. Creating. Ideating. It feels good. After every child, it has taken me a long time to get back to this point. Now to keep the momentum going since we are done. having. babies. forever.

This is quilted. It still needs a binding, which is my most avoided part. I have tried every machine method in the world and none have worked well. So, it looks like I’ll be hand binding this one, with three little ones crawling all over me. What would you recommend for the binding? I’m thinking brown but I could be convinced.

A new fabric box for my son’s closet. I have enough of the Wheels print to make a couple more. Find them on Etsy or on the web. The Argyle from Hooty Hoot Kangaroo is available in both shops, too.

Some U-Pick Custom Bundle options are coming too. You pick but get bundle prices. Awesome. I’ll let you know when they are live, after nap time most likely. The baby boy is quickly melting.