Nothing is complete. But really, is it ever?

Anyways, from last week, on my “hot to-do list” were my girls’ beds. I am officially no further ahead on that then I was previously. I think I’ve finally decided to do quilts rather than duvet covers but I’m still not 100% sure. I have been diligently working on organizing/purging/giving away excess clothes, toys, and other things that were previously stored in their closet.

Fabric boxes are in the works. Take a look at this fun photo of the four boxes that I have made for them thus far:

From left to right: accessory tray box made using Main Floral in Pink from Sew Cherry and Buttons in Gold from Wildwood. Second fabric box made using Buttons in Gold from Wildwood and Bugs in White from Happier Cottons. Third box made using Blue Polka Dots from Felicity and Main Flowers in White from Happier Cottons. Fourth box made using Main Floral in Pink from Sew Cherry  and Summer Flowers in White from Summer Song.

Here is a closer glimpse at the accessory tray box. It is perfect for keeping socks, underwear, sunglasses, belts, and all those other goodies that usually end up littering the floor, at least in our house.

Bert’s quilt is still being quilted in between all the other sewing of fabric boxes and trays. I get a link in here and there and I’m hoping to finish the quilting up this week. And take a photo.

Also, no process on the curtain thing for the laundry area.

I did however make up a fabric box to house some gifts for a baby shower (a baby quilt and some Dr. Seuss books). It is mostly made up fabrics from my stash (old sewing shop as well as bolt ends that are too small to sell) with a touch of Blue Polka Dots from Felicity.

I should add in that we picked up a new family project. Meet Wet Willy, a ’51 Willys Station Wagon. I’m probably not going to be posting a whole lot about it on this blog, at least until we get to the interior. I wonder if my husband would object to reupholstering with patchwork? Probably.

How is your to-do list coming? Any fun projects that you are blogging or posting about? I’d love to see!!