I went to work after yesterday’s post on quilting my son’s quilt and on the first line of quilting, I somehow got the backing folded up and stitched into the middle of the quilt. I know. I should have basted the quilt. Shoulda, coulda, woulda. I didn’t have any safety pins or basting spray. I figured I could do it.

Here is my mistake in all of its glory. And of course, to add to the snafu, my seam ripper is MIA.  I figured at this point it was best to just walk away for the day and make another bedroom messier in my grand attempts at reorganization/organization. I worked on cleaning out another closet, got a bed situated in the spare room, sealed a bathroom’s countertop, and other general housekeeping. Fun, huh?

I live a life of excitement, people.

I’m back at the quilt this morning with better success. Hopefully.