I don’t share too much about my kids on this blog, especially photos. I guess I’ve saved that mostly for my personal Facebook and for my other blog (sadly neglected but http://cerebralpalsybaby.blogspot.com). But since they drive me in everything I do and share just about every moment, here they are in all their glory on the 4th. Photo credit goes entirely to my sister, Shay Winget at http://shaysphotography.com

This is D. She is 6. Born at 28 weeks due to preeclampsia, she weighed just 1lb. 12oz. She has right hemiplegic cerebral palsy. She is majorly awesome. Loves horses.

This is LuLu. She is 4 and emotional. Born at 33 weeks, also due to preeclampsia, she weighed 3lb. 7oz. She had some sensory disorder stuff but has outgrown/out-therapied most of it. Also awesome. Loves ladybugs.

And this is Berty-boy. He was full term but I did have eclampsia after he was born. He is crazy, busy, and very lovey.  He loves lemonade and playing in his papa’s shop.

This is the best you will get of me today, and none of my husband. I’ll do a meet and greet on the big grapes another time.