The kids and I are totally loving re-acquainting ourselves with the library this summer. Each week we head there at least once to check out the gazillion books that we put on hold throughout the week. I find that for us and my circus parade of three young children, checking out books online is waaayyyy easier than heading there and perusing the shelves. Besides, a lot of the crafting books have wait times or are located at other libraries. With their online checkout, I can waltz into the library, return last weeks books, and pick up our stack of new books. Perfect!

Here is the current stack of crafting books:

Sorry for the crazy early morning lighting through the blinds. Let’s pretend it is artistic, okay?

Anyways, from top to bottom:

One-Yard Wonders – I haven’t sewed anything from it yet, but it is chock full (like…101 projects, most of them good, too) of projects. I would put this on my buy list.

Alabama Studio Style – I just picked this one up yesterday, but there are some great patterns (tank dress, etc.) that I want to trace out and save for later sewing time. I’m not sure about the buy factor, yet. More later perhaps.

Growing Up Sew Liberated – I think if I had a baby baby still, I would enjoy this book more. There are a couple of cute projects that interest me, just not enough to put on my buy list. If I wanted to make Waldorf inspired dolls, this would definitely be on my buy list. It is very worth of my library borrow list, though.

Sewing Clothes Kids Love – Haven’t sewed anything yet, but I’m definitely planning on it. I think that some of the outfits that are featured are pretty over the top and unwearable, but I just know that the patterns would work well for my girls. You can keep them simple or make them crazy, which is awesome. On my buy list.

Alabama Stitch Book – I’m currently working on the swing skirt from this book. It is so great to have a project to work on outside and in the evenings. Perfect. At this point, I’m more keen to say buy this book and borrow the other Alabama book, but only time will tell.

So, this is my current book haul with lots more planned and in the works. What books are you reading? What books do you want to read? What books have you read that you love?

If you want to see more of what I have on hold at the library for the future, check out my book list on Pinterest. If you need an invite, shoot me a comment or email.