Summers are rough on fabric shops, I’ve noticed. Lots of us are offering really stellar markdowns on newly released fabrics and uber deep markdowns on fabrics that have slowly rolled off our shelves. Small Grapes is no exception. I personally am sewing a lot less at the moment. Besides being crazy busy with my three kids, in the evenings, I want to be outside with my family, not upstairs in my sewing room. And besides, hopefully a lot of you are going on some sort of summer vacation at some point, and I don’t know too many people that lug along their sewing machine, although I bet there are some!

Anyways, for July at the least, I’m going to give the Fresh Picks a rest and work on organizing and defining my shop better. I’m going to work on creating quality blog content and fun new projects and tutorials to share. I’m going to focus on my family and not feel like I’m slighting  my shops about it. I’m going to work on relationships with customers, new and old. I’m going to share what I’m creating and also what I’m finding in my interweb travels that is inspiring and awesome! I’m going to explore fabrics, new and old. And I’m going to enjoy summer.

And I’m going to create. I’m going to sew, draw, write, cook, and read. I’m going to enjoy this time. And I hope that you all are, too. But come sew with me. Let’s have fun.

Summer is on.