I’ve recently restarted borrowing sewing books from my local library and I’ve been totally impressed with the books they are stocking. There must definitely be a sewer or crafter among the library team.

This is this week’s sewing book haul and I’m picking up more today.

Alabama Stitch Book, Bend-the-Rules Sewing, and One Yard Wonders

After perusing all three books, I’m taking Bend-the-Rules back to the library today and keeping the other two. It isn’t that Bend-the-Rules isn’t a decent book, it just isn’t the book for me.  The projects simply aren’t appealing to me at the moment. One Yard Wonders has a couple of projects that I am going to put on the to sew list.

I’ve been meaning to borrow Alabama Stitch Book for a long time now and it doesn’t disapoint at all. I have always been blown away by the swing skirt and now I’m totally enamored with it. Yesterday, I went to my local JoAnn’s and picked up the jersey to make it.

Today the plan is to get it washed up and ready to go. Also on the plan is to trace the pattern onto freezer paper for both the skirt and the applique. While I love the all over applique pattern pictured in the book, I’m thinking that I might keep it to just the bottom hem area. Not sure yet but I am looking forward to a slow summer sewing project that can be done on the go.

What summer sewing projects do you have in the works or on a to-do list? Please share!