Yesterday was one of those Monday’s that aren’t horrible but just weird and not great. Woke up and went to make some toast for my husband and the toaster wouldn’t work. After messing with the toaster for way too long, I realized that it wasn’t the toaster but the plug. And actually, it was ALL the plugs in the kitchen. It took me much longer to finally reset the correct GFCI outlet to get all the plugs working again. But at least eventually there was much coffee and rejoicing.

To add to that, my cable modem died sometime Sunday night/Monday early morning. So, while I had my iPhone, it is pretty impossible to do everything on it that I can do on my laptop. Luckily, a technician made it out around 4pm and fixed us up with a brand new modem. So, back in business!

My lovely husband brought home pizza, we played outside with the neighbors, and then we watched a really ridiculous movie and went to bed. Like I said, not a horrible day by any means, just lots of odd things.

But, here we are on Tuesday, June 21 and I have a Fresh Pick for today!

Main Flowers in White from Happier Cottons by Deena Rutter – Just $6.50 a yard throughout 6/21 as supply remains!

Available at as well as the Etsy shop