Bert grows like a weed and so many of his clothes have this ultra-cute applique type designs on them that I absolutely LOVE. I don’t have any little boys to pass clothes on to at the moment and while I don’t mind donating them, some of his clothes are just really hard to get rid of.

Case in point, this striped one-piece outfit with the cutest car and surfboard applique. It was one of my favorites when it fit him. So, while perusing my local Walmart the other day, I noticed this bright orange tshirt and decided to cut the applique out of the one-piece outfit and sew it on to the tshirt.

So, how I accomplished my goal was that I cut out the car applique in a larger square than what I intended to sew on to the shirt. Like the picture below:

I then cut out a piece of heat-n-bond that was larger than what I intended to cut out as well. Make sure the shiny/bumpyish side is facing the fabric when you iron.

I had a very impatient boy who wanted his shirt BADLY while I was attemping this.

Cut out the car how you want it to look on the shirt.

Peel the paper backing off the heat-n-bond

Iron the applique on the shirt.

Using a tight and compact zig zag stitch, stitch around the applique.

Apply to impatient baby.