As the weather is heading into higher numbers (I’ve been told it just MIGHT hit 70 degrees here this weekend), I’m looking to spruce up some of my spaces with a little COLOR. In fact, I have a home decorating question that is burning in my mind but I need to take a quick photo of the issue before I ask for some help. Hopefully that will be later today as time permits. I don’t know about anybody else, but when a week starts with a beloved three-day weekend, it does sorta mess with the rest of my entire week. I’ve felt very busy and crazy this week while also feeling like almost nothing has been accomplished.

But anyways, enough about me, how about a deal? And a deal that is good through the weekend as stock permits!

The Fresh Pick for June 3 is Square Raindrops in White from Rainy Days & Mondays for Riley Blake Designs. I absolutely am in love with this fabric and have used it in numerous projects because it is so versatile. It simply goes with SO many fabrics. It has varied shades of pink, orange, yellow, and green on a crisp white background.

Price per yard is $6.00 and is available at both and