Has your husband/child/self ever showed up with a big hole in their elbow of their long sleeve shirt? Well, my husband routinely does.  He must have super pointy elbows with the way he busts through long sleeve shirts. You would think I would learn my lesson and just reinforce the elbows before letting him loose with the shirts, but I obviously haven’t. However, I have become adept at transforming those useless long sleeve shirts into wearable and presentable short sleeve shirts.

How I go about it, is I take an already short sleeve shirt that fits my husband well and line it up with the holey shirt. I make sure that the arm holes match up and the sleeves are lying straight. I then cut the holey shirt, making sure to leave an inch or so of extra sleeve length than the shirt I am using as a template.

I then take the holey shirt and fold it in half, once again making sure that the arm holes line up and the sleeves lie straight. Using the already cut sleeve as a guide, I cut the other arm.

Turn the shirt inside out and using a hot iron, I fold down each sleeve edge about a quarter to a half of an inch. I then fold the edge down again to hide the cut edge.

Stitch around the entire sleeve, starting at the seam on the bottom of the sleeve. Stitch about a quarter of an inch from the edge.

To really polish off the shirt, take a look at how other shirts are done. Most of them have two band
s of stitching around the sleeve. I lined up my presser foot with the right side on the first seam and sewed a second band of stitching around the sleeve.

Repeat on the other sleeve and viola, a short sleeved shirt.