My husband is passionate about classic cars and trucks. His main love are ’55 Chevy trucks (with the big window). His second-place truck love goes to ’70 Chevy/GMC short-bed trucks. Awhile ago, my husband picked up a ’70 GMC. It started out gold. After a couple of months at the body shop, it came home straight, silver, and with a repositioned gas tank. We put down some dynomat inside to help with road noise and a spiffy new dark gray carpet. However, the seat was in tatters.

Almost a year ago, I started redoing the upholstery. I researched, read books, and finally purchased a silver gray tweed, foam, hog rings, pliers, thread, and dove into it. Obviously, it rook much longer than anticipated but last week I finished the major sewing. We pulled the seat, laid down some extra batting, put heater elements in to keep tushies cozy, and installed the new upholstery. That was the hardest part. There were lots of fixes and edits, but thanks to my husbands persistance and strength, we finished the seat and it is happily installed back in the truck.

Here are the afters. I’m pretty proud.

Not perfect by any means, but we did it and it looks pretty darn good. At least in my opinion.