I first started sewing about 4/5 years ago. I started out with a $99 Singer from Target. And you know, it held up pretty well. That is until it met my felt pizza sewing era. Despite several massive clean-outs, those pizzas pretty much wrecked it and now it only sews nicely on the thickest piles of fabric. But the point is, it worked and it worked well for years. And it would probably still be working if it weren’t for the felt. It was an inexpensive way to get into sewing, something that has really changed my life and its direction.

A couple Christmases ago, my mom had my great aunt’s Singer Touch-Tronic 200 serviced for me. And while I think it is awesome to have this machine, I never was able to jive with it. It doesn’t sew particularly straight and I cannot get past how it winds the bobbin. The bobbin stays in place and the tendency is for the thread to wind underneath the bobbin rather than on the actual bobbin. It oftentimes takes me 20 minutes or so to fill a bobbin. Talk about a project killer!

I have a birthday rapidly approaching and I’m hoping for two things. Dinner with my husband and kids at the local Chinese restaurant and a new sewing machine. Something decent that can be serviced locally. It would be a dream come true.