Mister Destructo is asleep and all of today’s orders are shipped so I’ve got a cup of coffee and a bowl of cereal and I’m sitting down to detail out my in-progress projects…or works-in-projects or w-i-p’s or whatever you want to call them. Stuff that is started but not yet done. Of which I am the master of. Serious.

First up –  a quilt for Mister Destructo himself, aka Berty-boy. This one is based on Oh Fransson’s New Wave pattern, but without the solid strips.

This photo is so indicative of sewing with him around…pretty funny. Anyways, some more details on the fabric used – All Stars 2 Orange Micro Dots, All Stars 2 Large Green Polka Dots, Urban Circus Earth Elephant Dots, All Stars 2 Orange Main Stars, All Stars 2 Green Bullseye Stars, Bermuda Whales, Rainy Days Green Square Raindrops, All Stars 2 Orange Large Polka Dots, All Stars 2 Green Main Stars, All Stars 2 Orange Bullseye Stars, Felicity Green Plaid, Hooty Green Argyle, All Stars 2 Green Micro Dots.


Oh man, these photos are embarrassing. I really need to get a better backdrop than my carpet. But, I’m forging on.

Second up is my evolution of an idea purse. It obviously hasn’t made it very far. I am at the interfacing stage and not really looking forward to it for some reason. I normally don’t really mind it, though. It use’s Sophie’s Garden in Green from Wildwood by Erin McMorris.


Third up is something that I haven’t worked on in forever. Once again, I’m at the interfacing stage. This is a Marlo Bloom purse pattern by Heather Bailey and the fabric is Summer Trees.


And fourth is another item that has been in progressive forever. It is a family tree quilt and uses a hodge podge of fabrics and my own applique designs.

And that is all I dare share for now. What’s on your list?