As I was headed up to the studio to take some photos of a quilt top, I realized that my batteries were dead. With a few extra (rare) moments, I decided to work on the quilt back.

You see, I’m sewing a quilt for the youngest of the grapes, Berty-boy who is age 1. And 3 months.

He decided that he would “help” me. He loves to play in my studio. LOVES. He steals my pens. My scissors. My rotary cutter. Pulls on my straight edge. Delights in terrorizing me. You should see the look of pure devilish delight that he throws my way.

Anyways, true to his fashion, my quick sewing session was no different. He pulled on the flannel strips as I was trying to sew them together. He pulled on the iron cord, which led me to sew with my right hand and hold on to the iron with my left. In hindsight, it was pretty comical. These days, things don’t happen quickly around here, thanks to a certain little Mister Destructo. And then you add in the other two girly grapes, and some things just don’t happen at all.