I have some lofty goals for you, November.

I have some gifts to sew for this week boy who turns one on the fourth. He was the whole reason that I closed up lilliputianmama and embarked on the journey of Small Grapes. I knew that the time required to design and sew for a shop just wasn’t feasible with three kids and everything else that goes on around these parts.

I’d like to work on some fresh web designs for Small Grapes. It needs a friendlier face. Something more welcoming while still maintaining clean design.

I promised to host a Mom’s craft for my MOMS Club.

Thanksgiving. I’m thinking of mini pies and brined cider turkey. Oh, and tangy artichoke stuffing (although my husband will only touch sourdough-hot sausage stuffing).

And of course, sewing. Sewing just hasn’t been that great lately since my “trusty” machine isn’t quite so “trusty”. It worked really well for a number of years but I think sewing felt with it was the precursor to its current level of dysfunction. And since it was about $99, I don’t think it is worth repair. Anybody have a recommendation for a good machine that will last a long time and do a wide variety of sewing?

Working on my camera skills – or lack thereof.

Work on blogging. I’ve got a lot to say and a lot of share. So why have I been so slow about it?

There are about a gazillion other things I could and should and need to put on this little list of mine, but this will be it for the moment. I have coffee beckoning and a girl that needs to get ready for school.