I hope everyone had a lovely weekend full of sun (and fun)! We had two really fabulous days of sun and shine here in the Pacific Northwest. My husband was out of town and being 100% in charge of the three wee ones for the three days didn’t leave me much chance for sewing. Aside from the fact that they stayed up late each night waiting for him to come home, the sun was enough to keep us occupied.

I was able to catch a little sewing time the first evening and decided to give a go at cathedral windows using this tutorial from The Sometimes Crafter blog. As you can see, I didn’t get very far but I wanted to give it a try to see if it was something that would be worth me doing some hand sewing outside while the kids run amuck. I love the look, personally.

So, what I learned from 3.5 windows. I would go smaller. On the tutorial, it called for 12.5″ white squares as your base. I used 12″ but would go even smaller next time, maybe even to 8″. I think these are just a bit too large, personally. And two, when you cut your window fabric, they need to be just a smidge smaller than the square they are going into (mine were 4″, window fabric should be cut to about 3.75″ square). It would even help to go so far as to cut them in the shape of the finished window, that way, when you fold the window over, you don’t have to go back and trim.

Fabrics used:

Brown Wheels, Wheels for Riley Blake

Green Paisley, All Stars for Riley Blake

Green Square Raindrops, Rainy Days & Mondays for Riley Blake

4th window will be Green Diamonds, All Stars for Riley Blake