I figured I probably owe you all a REAL post. Something that doesn’t involve fabric sales but what I’m actually, you know, sewing.

My main project going on right now is I’m reupholstering (gulp) my husband’s ’70 GMC truck. It just got a spiffy new shiny paint job and it definitely needs some help with the interior. There is a seat cover but it is some kind of vinyl that would work perfectly fine, my husband just prefers tweed. Now, this is my first attempt at upholstery work and my machine isn’t really meant to do that ($90 Target Singer special. You don’t have to spend $500 or even $200 to sew), so needless to say, things are going veeerrrry slowly. But I’m learning a lot and so far so good.

My second project is a set of commissioned name bean bags. I’m only going to give you a glimpse since I don’t know who and who doesn’t read this blog. I don’t want to give anything away! These are a quick and super simple project but kids love them!I used a bit of fabric from Rainy Days & Mondays as well as Bloom & Grow, both Riley Blake. I still want to sew up a drawstring bag to keep them in, but here they are!

I’m waiting on an order of new fabric for the shop, too from the Felicity collection by Emily Taylor for Riley Blake. Can’t wait for these to arrive!!