I finally bit the bullet and decided to join the Blogger’s Quilt Festival put on by Park City Girl. Please go and check out all of the awesomeness that you can discover.

I have only made a few quilts in my sewing years and, quite frankly, I’ve been disappointied in all of them but one. There were various issues but this one I really loved. I made it for an auction on my blog to raise money for preeclampsia.

It is a small baby quilt, measuring about 2.5′ x 4′. Obviously, it was inspired by Denyse Schmidt’s quilts but with my own twist.

I learned a lot…quilting is hard. But I love it. And when the pattern and colors sing to you, it is invigorating and rewarding. And it amazing how long a tiny baby quilt can take, at least for me! I definitely want to recreate this quilt on a larger level but I will do some straight line quilting instead of what I did, because OMG, it was intense at times. And time consuming.