Projects that take longer than one sewing session end up taking weeks, months, possibly even years around here. I blame it on the 3 kids, personally.

I was really excited when Juliette from Chickpea Sewing Studio announced her new project for Sewing Republic – a makeup brush case.

Now, I generally don’t wear makeup and when I do, it isn’t the sort that requires an assortment of makeup brushes, but I know plenty of people that do. So, this is the perfect gift for them.

It whipped up pretty quickly and generally, I liked it. I am not really a fan of handsewing binding, so I attempted it by machine, which I don’t recommend. If you want to skip the binding, I would increase the size of the entire case and turn it inside out. Or, just not be like me and do a little hand sewing.

I also didn’t have the magnetic snap on hand that the pattern calls for, so I used some ribbon that I healed sealed at the edges and sewed into the binding. I think I would opt for the snap next time, as well.

I think that most anybody could attempt this project. Especially if they don’t have three kids running rampant around the house while attempting it.

Fabrics Used:
Checked Floral in Grey – found here and here
Sprout in Green – found here and here

Cosmetic Brush Case – The Sewing Republic (free)