Just a quick note to thank everyone who has asked for a tutorial on these beauties. I definitely have one in the works and hopefully will be introducing it to you all next week at some point. I’m hoping to include some fun handle options as well as a couple of different sizes and options, although those roll outs will probably happen at a later date.he In the meantime, if you want to buy some absolutely fabulous fabric buckets, take a look at Smidgebox. Seriously one of the nicest ladies out there (at least on Twitter) and her items are absolutely fantastic. She is super creative, a fantastic mama, and her items are beautiful. And if you need a gift for a new babe, take a look at these blocks!!

I also want to add this bucket tutorial by Quiltish.  This is actually exactly how I make mine, too! She has a lovely shop with fantastic goodies on Etsy, as well!

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