It seems like this past week was spent preparing for my daughter’s third birthday. Shopping, cooking, assembling goody bags and everything else that goes along with a birthday celebration. In our house, it also involves a shirt or dress made by me. I’ve mostly done appliqued t-shirts in the past, but as I didn’t have a plain shirt lying around, I sewed up a Ruffle Sleeve Top using a tutorial by Candace over at Sparkle Power. I used some fabric (Lecian’s Folklore Forest is one of my all time favorites. Even though this was for my daughter, I think I cried a little inside cutting into the bit I have left) from my stash drawers and some elastic left over from when I sold skirts on Etsy. If it weren’t for three small children, this would have sewed up super fast and easy. I can definitely see some more of these tops (and longer as dresses) in our future.

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! What projects are you working?