Anyone who has breastfed a child knows that nursing pads are essential (or at least they are for me). I always had problems with the store bought ones flaking into layers, sticking to me, being somewhat expensive, and just the remembering to buy them part was hard enough.

With my first daughter, someone had bought some plain-jane reusable nursing pads that worked great although incredibly bulky. Since we thought we were done after Elise was born, I got rid of every baby related thing in our house. So, after Bert was born and I remembered how much I hated the store bought disposable nursing pads, I decided to whip up some reusable ones that were also cute.

Materials Needed:

Amy Butler Optic Blossom in Olive, cream flannel (from stash), a large drinking glass, a washable marker, scissors, sewing machine, pinking shears.

For each individual pad, you will need three layers of flannel and one layer of cotton fabric. I simply used the drinking glass as my circle template, tracing around the cup with the washable marker. You do not need to be too exact.

After you have cut your three circles of flannel and one circle of cotton, stack them together.

Sew around the edge with a standard stitch on your sewing machine. And using your pinking shears, cut around the circle.

The edges will fray when you wash, but since you used the pinking shears, it isn’t a huge bothersome mess of strings and whatnot.

You may or may not need more or less layers of flannel. I tried it using two layers and three layers and found that the three layers worked best for me. I would also plan on making at least four pairs to ensure that you always have a clean set waiting for you.

If you know an expectant mother is planning on breastfeeding, these would make a cute gift, too. Pair them with some burp cloths, an easy blanket, an appliqued onesie, some cute ribbon and you are good to go.