Ever since I started my first Etsy shop a couple of years ago, I’ve really grown to love buying from and working with small businesses. I have never known a big box store that can match the time, passion, and commitment of these dedicated store owners. I love knowing exactly what sort of service and product I can expect to receive, every single time. It is priceless to me. And knowing that doing business with a certain company and knowing that that is how a family is supported, I absolutely love it. I think my most favorite smallish business of all time is Grounds for Change Coffee. Not only do they sell the best quality coffee I think I have ever tasted but they are the greatest couple and the sweetest family ever. I’m proud to buy from them but I’m also so happy that we have become friends.

Anyways, I guess this is just my post to say that behind Small Grapes is a real person and a real family and I know that the same exists behind every customer. I also blog over at Cerebral Palsy Baby about my family and our lives, so if you do want to know more about us, please do visit! In my world, business and personal lives mingle, quite a bit, so don’t be surprised to hear about dirty diapers, baby news, and the pot of chili I really need to get started for dinner tonight.

Happy Tuesday everybody!